A Duke to Remember - AvonFanLit Anthology





*Co-Authors: Anne-Marie Rivers, Eve Marie Perry, Liana de la Rosa,  
Susannah Marie Erwin, and Cheryl Tapper 
*About the Book: (Avon Description)
For the first time, read all the 2015 Avon FanLit winning chapters as one amazing novella!
When Maxwell Trent, Duke of Highclyff, arrives at the ball of the season, Lady Felicity Stratford can scarcely believe her eyes or control her beating heart. Ten years ago, Max left Felicity in the wake of a scandalous duel and sailed off to the West Indies. Having only just recovered her reputation and about to embark on a long-awaited engagement, the duke is the last man Felicity wants to see back in London, even if he is the only man she’s ever loved.
Between a forbidden balloon ride, a runaway monkey, and a life-changing ball, Max and Felicity discover the truth of what happened all those years ago and they must decide if true love really can last forever. An Avon Romance.
Works In Progress

The Earl Can't Help It  (A Schooled For Scoundrels Pre-quel Novel)

*About the Book: 
Ten years ago, a disastrous misunderstanding ended their love affair before it had the chance to begin. Rocked by the emotion of that heartbreaking mistake, and armed with the truth about that life altering night, the Earl of Wakefield sets off a plan to claim Lady Elizabeth “Birdie” Marlowe for his own…while giving her back some of her own in the process. On their bumpy and hilarious road to the alter, Wakefield is continually reminded of one profound truth…when it comes to loving this maddening, madcap female, the Earl just can’t help it.
*Author:  Cherilyn Tapper 
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Schooled For Scoundrels (Book 1) - Duke Desires A Lady

 * About the Book: 

Four years ago, Lucian Montague, the notoriously debauched Duke of Iaversley, struck a matrimonial deal with the easily forgettable Lady Emilee Sinclair, for the sole purpose of being a thorn in the side to her exceedingly respectable, dedicated, and self-appointed guardian Lady Merryn Havesham-Whitley. With their bargain now expired, and his true prey about to escape his sphere, the hot-headed Duke confronts the party-of-the-other-part, Lady Emilee…only to find himself increasingly fascinated by the self-contained woman determined to slam the door to the past directly in His Grace’s face. Her rejection a game changer, his only desire is to claim her completely.  


Against the backdrop of Regency ballrooms, the darker haunts of London’s gaming hells, back alleys, and associations both secret and seedy, the Duke pursues Emilee’s seduction. Skillfully melting Emilee’s resistance until her surrender becomes his own, love is the only acceptable reward when a Duke Desires A Lady.

*Author:  Cherilyn Tapper
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