My First RT Convention - Woo-Hoo!

That's right, Folks! This is the year I lose my RT Virginity and holy-schniekies, am I nervous! I'm going to take off my socially awkward training wheels and venture forward into this mysterious land of awesome readers, and unbelievable authors...and pray I don't do something to embarrass the family name.

Mr. Tapper is already taking bets with his buddies on how long it will be before he gets the first call from the hotel management to kindly assist them with peeling his salivating wife off of some poor defenseless author. Bless his heart. He knows me too well. And frankly, he might need his winnings to recoup our bank account when he has to bail me out of jail - so I can't even pretend to be offended that he's making a play to profit from his spouse's anticipated reaction to coming *this* close to so many of her favorite authors.

And it isn't JUST the authors that may need to call for reinforcements. Nooooo. Because (and this might be even more awesome) I am finally getting to meet a bunch of my peeps from the Old School Romance Book Club! We've already begun planning all kinds of meet-ups and with each day that brings those meetings closer, I'm getting so many feels, I might just explode on first sight.

Items I've ordered for goodie bags (Okay - bribes. The socially awkward need bribes to distract you from the fact that they aren't actually capable of speaking. Give me a break here.) are arriving daily. I even (shamelessly) hit up the groups founder, Sarah MacLean, and Sophie Jordan from some extra authorly swaggy stuff to make them extra pretty!

Speaking of authorly stuff - I've typed "The End." on my follow-up sequel to an obscure lil Avon Fanlit novella (A DUKE TO REMEMBER) title. That's right! Birdie and Wakefield are done beating me over the head to give them their long anticipated Happily Ever After. THE EARL CAN'T HELP IT is complete! Sly duo that they are, they also *somehow* managed to parlay their sequel into duo status as a PREQUEL to the first (also completed) book in my new Schooled For Scoundrels series, DUKE DESIRES A LADY! Hopefully, I will have more information to share on both in the coming months.

In the mean time, I am going to promise to be a more faithful contributor to my blog from this date forward. Honest! I will definitely be posting updates on the comings and goings at the RT Convention in May, and (yes- another virgin twig to be snapped!!) the RWA Convention I will be attending in Orlanda, Florida in July.

You have my permission to slap me upside the head if I turn slacker henceforth!

And now, I shall hit "publish" and we can all find out if this blog page still works. Cross your fingers...I'm going in.



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