Lady MacCallan’s Diary! Shhhh – It’s a Secret!

I’m soooo excited to let you know I’ve been invited by four of my luffly friends from the Old School Romance Book Club (“OSRBC”) to co-host a new blog devoted entirely to all things we LUFF about Historical Romance – not just Old School – EVERYTHING! Yeah...*everything* is a lot of stuff!

I have a feeling these ladies have got it covered.

After gabbing about the concept, because that’s just who we all are, we really wanted present our contributions to the HR discussion with a unique spin…ya know, add that little bit of something different to conversation than the usual book reviews, and commentary. That discussion led to several more where we joked about how fun it would be to post our commentary not as a reader, but as a participant in the stories we read.

Next thing we knew, Lady MacCallan’s Diary was born! Granted, we’ve just started this experiment and we’re still working out some kinks, but if you’re interested, feel free to click that lil ol’ link below!

Welcome to Lady MacCallan's Diary!

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