Avon FanLit - Let Me Tell You A Story...

Once upon a time, several editors from a major publisher of Romance novels decided to throw a party, a writing adventure they called Avon FanLit. They invited *everyone* with a dream to become an author within this amazing, touchingly *wonderful* genre to play a part in creating an Avon Impulse novella to be titled A DUKE TO REMEMBER.


A lot of people answered that call to action.


This page is dedicated to the brave souls, and new friends that showed up...and stayed until Maxwell & Felicity found their well deserved Happily Ever After.


More details on their journey soon; in the mean time...

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My Avon FanLit Family

( psst...BTW, I won Chapter #5)

Anne-Marie Rivers - Winner Chapter #1
Website: http://annemarierivers.com/
Eve Marie Perry - Winner Chapter #2
Website: http://www.idlefancy.com/
Liana de la Rosa - Winner Chapter #3
Website: http://lianainbloom.com/ 
Susannah Marie Erwin - Winner Chapter #4
Website: http://www.susannaherwin.com/
Cassie Leigh - Awesome Writer/Friend
Website: http://www.cassieleighauthor.com/
Peggy Carpenter - Awesome Writer/Friend
Website: http://peggyleecarpenter.com
Laura Jill Somers - Awesome Writer/Friend
Website: http://www.laurajillsomers.com/
Evangeline Holland - Awesome Writer/Friend
Website: http://doyenneofhistory.com/
Jennifer Hilt - Awesome Writer/Friend
Website: http://www.jenniferhilt.com/
Cate Moyr - Awesome Writer/Friend
Website: http://catemoyr.com/
Charlotte Penn Clark - Awesome Writer/Friend
Website: http://www.charlottepennclark.com/
Maggie Dallen - Awesome Writer/Friend
Website: http://www.maggiedallen.com/
Margrethe Martin - Awesome Writer/Friend
Website: https://margrethemartin.wordpress.com/
Cat Sebastian - Awesome Writer/Friend
Website: http://catsebastian.com/