So, About Me...
(otherwise known as How a Romance Writer Was Born.)
     My name is Cherilyn Tapper and I am a Romance Novel addict. No, really, it's completely true! It seemed so harmless in the beginning. We all know the tragic story...
     A young innocent girl casually picks up a copy of the complimentary Reader's Digest set on the back of the commode on the  weekly visit to grandmother's house. Eventually she graduates to  pilfering the magazine basket beside Grandma's bed overflowing with True Romance magazines.
And then it happened, the point of no return...
     I read my first Historical Romance (written by the incomparable Rebecca Brandewyne) novel at the tender age of fourteen. My life has never been the same. Over the ensuing years (all right - decades), as my love for the genre grew, so did my desire to write it.
     I read my first book (second, third and forth) by Sarah MacLean in Winter of 2013. Like many fans, I followed her on Facebook. Then my back hurt...
     A LOT!
     Sarah MacLean created the Old School Romance Book Club (henceforth OSRBC - you will hear me mention them often if you visit me again) on Facebook while I was home recovering from back surgery in August of 2014.
     Through the OSRBC I became acquainted with the most amazing Romance Reading Addict Support group on the face of the planet. The incredible relationships fostered in the sweet cocoon of this group inspired me, and provided the encouraging push my confidence needed to take those first baby steps towards putting myself out there as a writer. Visit my AvonFanLit and Books pages for more on how THAT turned out.
     My name is Cherilyn Tapper. I am a Romance Writer.

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